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About Us

After over 25 years experience travelling the globe targeting a variety of species with artificial lures, Grant Woodgate decided to team up with a top lure designer to develop the Samson Lure range. The design brief was simple - Grant wanted to create a range of enticing lures that would catch fish and cast exceptionally long distances.


Since day one, the priority has been to make hard wearing lures that can cover a lot of ground, enduring the extreme conditions encountered on rocky shorelines and maintaining their enticing injured baitfish action.


We are proud to have developed Samson Fishing Lures, a range of virtually indestructible, long casting lures capable of catching everything from small bass right up to the toughest saltwater predators.

Handmade Quality

Our commitment to providing high quality hand made lures means that each lure is lathe turned to perfection and precisely weighted to ensure that it will not tumble in the cast.